How to whitelist fluxgain Like within salesforce

To allow salesforce users to use the fluxgain Like button to update chatter then the salesforce system administrator may need to whitelist the fluxgain Like application using the connected app functionality within salesforce.

Examples where a salesforce administrator would want to use the connected app functionality include

  • the salesforce org has IP restrictions for its users and an application uses different IP addresses, so the application must be whitelisted
  • allowing only certain salesforce users to access an application

fluxgain Like may not need to be whitelisted by the salesforce administrator if none of the above statements are true, then salesforce users can use the fluxgain Like button without salesforce administrator intervention.

To test if the like button needs whitelisting within a salesforce org

  1. click on the orange like button (in the share section on the right of this page)
  2. provide login details on the salesforce screen (if not already logged into salesforce in the same browser)

If the like button needs whitelisting then a web page will advise you.

Below are the steps a salesforce system adminstrator performs to whitelist the fluxgain Like application for all users

  1.  Install fluxgain Like Lite package from the appexchange -
  2. Review the information on the web page before clicking on the install button
  3. Once installed configure the fluxgain Like Lite Connected App by navigating to it in salesforce by clicking Setup -> Administration Setup -> Manage Apps -> Connected Apps -> fluxgain Like.
  4. To have most flexibility with the Connected App
    1. change "IP Restrictions" to "Relax IP restriction"
    2. leave "Permitted Users" as "All Users may self-authorize"
    3. leave "Require Users to Log in" as "Every time they use this application"
    4. then click the save button.
Configured fluxgain Like Connected App

Configured fluxgain Like Connected App

Once the above steps have been completed all internal salesforce users (Standard,, Chatter Free) within the org can now use the fluxgain Like button.

A connected app can only be installed into Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer Editions only. The fluxgain Like button application will still work with a Contact Manager org provided no IP restrictions have been set up within the org.

Users in orgs that have "My Domains" set up will first need to be logged into salesforce before they can use the connected app.