There are two parts to the install, depending on your requirements one or both parts may need to be done -

1) Add fluxgain Like to web pages

2) Whitelist fluxgain Like application using an appexchange package

If you plan to add the like button to your public web site, intranet site or internal web applications to allow salesforce chatter users to like a web page then follow the instructions for Add fluxgain Like button. Companies using the free fluxgain Like Lite version are limited to 5,000 web page hits per day where the like widget button will be located cumulative across all web sites/applications.

If the static link/image button is used instead of the widget button then there is no limit on the web page hits per day where the link/image is located, as there is no processing on the fluxgain Like server when the web page is displayed.

If your salesforce chatter users get a whitelisting message when attempting to use the like button then follow the instructions for whitelisting fluxgain Like button.

NOTE  - not all salesforce orgs need whitelisting, your chatter users may be able use the like button without the whitelisting step.

For example

  • to allow your salesforce users to like your intranet pages then follow the Add fluxgain Like button instructions for your intranet pages and optionally the whitelisting fluxgain Like button may need to be followed if the whitelisting message appears.
  • to allow your salesforce users to like web pages that already have the like button on it, then only the whitelist instructions may need to be followed.
  • if you want to put the like button on your public website then follow the Add fluxgain Like button instructions.


Optionally you may also want to install a

  • web browser bookmarklet for fluxgain Like, to like a web page that does not have the fluxgain Like button on it