What is the fluxgain Like for salesforce chatter button?

Its similiar the other like buttons you see on the web for websites such as facebook, google and linkedin, but the details are just shared within your salesforce environment, as opposed to the whole world. A like button for the enterprise for salesforce chatter users. All likes and comments will be recorded directly within your salesforce enviroment for your other salesforce users to see.

Why whitelist the like button?

You may see a message about whitelisting the like button in order to use the like button, depending on how your salesforce system administrator has configured salesforce this may be required.  Using the install instructions an appexchange package can be installed into your salesforce org so the fluxgain like button can be whitelisted.

Do I need to keep logging into the widget?

If you are browsing the web from the same browser you are currently logged into salesforce with then you will not need to provide credentials (after granting initial access to fluxgain Like). If you are not currently logged into salesforce you will need to provide credentials to save the chatter like.

Whats this "A fluxgain Like for salesforce chatter #fluxgainLike" I see in my chatter feed?

"A fluxgain Like for salesforce chatter #fluxgainLike" is the default comment you can add to your like before you save it to salesforce chatter. You are able to change this comment before you save or click the "Like Only" button instead of the "Like and Comment" button to just register the like.

The "Like Only" and "Like and Comment" buttons have gone

If you have already liked a web page, then the "Like Only" button will be replaced with a disabled "Already Liked" button and "Like and Comment" will be replaced with a "Comment Only" button.

What compatible salesforce user/orgs types do I need to be to access the like button?

Supported salesforce org types -

  • Group Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Contact Manger (with no IP restrictions)

The salesforce org may need to be whitelisted in order to use the like button to do this install a connected app from the appexchange in order for it to be supported.

Supported salesforce user types -

  • Chatter Free
  • Salesforce
  • Salesforce Platform

Can I use the like button if salesforce chatter is not enabled for my organisation?


Can I use the like button if my salesforce user is not API enabled?

No, you will receive a forbidden message

I don't seem to be able to log in with my salesforce credentials

If you cannot log into your standard salesforce enviroment from the same location as you are attempting to use fluxgain Like you won't be able to log into the fluxgain Like. You may need to get your salesforce system administrator to install an appexchange package to use the like button. Installation should not take more than 5 minutes.

Can I use the app if our salesforce organisation has IP restrictions or login hours?

If the salesforce org has IP restrictions or login hours set up this may impact usage of the like button for certain users, if this is the case get your salesforce system adminstrator to install the appexchange package for fluxgain Like.

Can I use like button with a salesforce sandbox (test) environment?

The fluxgain Like button only works against production or developer salesforce environments.

Please Contact us to discuss other editions of fluxgain Like.

How do I get the fluxgain Like widget on my webpage?

By just adding a small snippet of HTML to your existing webpage you will be good to go. It works in a similiar way to the like buttons you see from facebook, google and linkedin. Please see the install instructions for adding fluxgain Like button to your website. fluxgain Like Lite users should not receive more than 5,000 hits per day for the Like widget cumulative across all web sites/applications within the company.

Will it work with a salesforce org with custom my domains set up?

Yes, if "Prevent login from login.salesforce.com" is set to true, you will need to ensure that you are already logged into your salesforce org from the same browser where you attempt to use the fluxgain Like button.

What about the legal stuff for the fluxgain Like app?

This is our privacy policy, terms of service and copyright notices for the fluxgain Like app (they are different to the fluxgain web site)


If you have any further questions after looking at the FAQ please contact us, we would love to help out.