fluxgain Like for salesforce chatter is the like button for the enterprise. It works just like all those other like widgets (such as facebook, linkedin, google) you see on web pages. Using the fluxgain Like button you save chatter likes and comments directly into your salesforce organisation from the web page you are on. Once saved into salesforce chatter via the like button it will appear on your chatter feed for users in your salesforce organisation to see.

Give it a quick go

Click on the image below for the non javascript version


or click on the link below

Chatter like

Then login into salesforce https://login.salesforce.com to see the updated chatter feed.

Useful links

  • FAQ
  • Different fluxgain Like editions
  • Install instructions for the fluxgain Like
  • Contact us for other editions of fluxgain Like that allows the Like button to be embedded onto more web pages, fully synchronisation┬álike counts with salesforce, etc


A fluxgain Like for salesforce chatter #fluxgainLike