Here is where we will be cooking up and trying interesting stuff such as

  • exploring social funding model for enterprise
  • re-imaging support for business and IT

Keep an eye on our blog for further announcements.

fluxgain Like for salesforce chatter (private version available)

Our first project the fluxgain Like for salesforce chatter, which is a like button (such as facebook, linkedin, google, twitter) that can be put an any web page that works for salesforce chatter users. Instead of liking a web page for family and friends now you can like a web page for your work colleagues.

fluxgain Icons for salesforce (project on hold)

In our second project fluxgain Icons for salesforce we plan to create a set of professionally designed icons created by you for salesforce formula fields, visualforce pages and tabs. We plan to wrap these icons so they are easier to implement for salesforce administrators, consultants and ISVs for users. As a result users will get better looking pages and be able to absorb salesforce data quicker.