With the key notes, sessions, expo, bands and those shoes why didn't you like dreamforce? Well its not to late you can still show your appreciation on the most important social network for dreamforce. Those other social networks seem to have an advantage over poor chatter with their easy to use like and share buttons that you see on blogs and […]

As part of our campaign to get a bit of romance between microsoft and salesforce started we thought we would show another way to get these two to like each other. salesforce chatter likes Microsoft Dynamics CRM showed how to chatter like directly within a Microsoft Dynamics web page now it was time to do it again with sharepoint. By […]

Follow me, Like me and Share me

We take a quick look at some of the follow, like, and share buttons appearing on web sites to see how they differ from one another. Specifically we compared follows, likes, and shares for the social media sites Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yammer. All links and buttons appearing in this blog are live so you can click on […]

fluxgain Like has recently added a non javascript version of the like button for salesforce chatter, which allows chatter likes to be created from an embedded image on the webpage. The webpage could be on the intranet or internet and built with technologies such as Sharepoint, Drupal, Joomla, etc. This post describes how to set the newer non javascript version […]