With the key notes, sessions, expo, bands and those shoes why didn't you like dreamforce? Well its not to late you can still show your appreciation on the most important social network for dreamforce.

Those other social networks seem to have an advantage over poor chatter with their easy to use like and share buttons that you see on blogs and other public websites, Facebook and Twitter I'm looking at you.

At fluxgain we though we would even this up by creating a dreamforce page where you could actually chatter like the dreamforce page within chatter itself. Why not put that show of affection on the most important social network for dreamforce?

Our version of the dreamforce page has the chatter like button that shows how easily it can be incorporated into a web site to match the look and feel of the existing web page.

Dreamforce Chatter like

Our dreamforce page with the chatter like

Click on the cloud under the Facebook and Twitter social icons on the right of the page to create the chatter like in your salesforce environment. (It is using fluxgain Like to actually write the like into your chatter feed)

Dreamforce social icons with chatter like

Dreamforce social icons with chatter like

Below is the current and original salesforce dreamforce page missing that all important cloud icon to chatter like the page.

Dreamforce without a Chatter like

Dreamforce without a Chatter like

Chatter hold your head up high.

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