fluxgain Like has recently added a non javascript version of the like button for salesforce chatter, which allows chatter likes to be created from an embedded image on the webpage. The webpage could be on the intranet or internet and built with technologies such as Sharepoint, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

This post describes how to set the newer non javascript version of the chatter like button for WordPress.

The chatter like button for wordpress

The above link image was created by a WordPress shortcode which can be put on a blog page within wordpress. Once clicked it will pass the current page and title to fluxgain Like, which in turn creates a salesforce chatter like.

In addition to the shortcode a WordPress widget can be created that puts the same button in the sidebar or footer.

Adding fluxgain Like to WordPress

Both the shortcode and widget can be installed into wordpress using a git repository that was created to show this. First download the zip file from the git repository fluxgain-like-examples

Then copy the fluxgain-like directory (found in wordpress directory) into wp-content/plugins in your wordpress installation.

Next in the WordPress administration screen navigate to Plugins, then activate "fluxgain Like". At this point fluxgain Like can be added as a shortcode to a blog or added to the sidebars.

We chose to distribute the example by source code as we think people may want to

  • customise the image used for the like button
  • add it to other WordPress plugins that use other like/share buttons
  • add the like button to other places such as the page header (as we have done on this blog)

Using fluxgain Like

Lets start by creating a new post in WordPress, in our new post add [fluxgain_Like_link_image] in the main text area then click save, then preview. We end up with a post that contains the same image as above. If the image is clicked then fluxgain Like can start processing the like for salesforce chatter.

Alternatively within the administration screens navigate to "Appearance" then "Widgets" where you can see a widget called "fluxgain Like link image". This widget can be dragged to the "Main Widget Area" and/or "Secondary Widget Area" and have its title changed.

Putting this all together and using the shortcodes and widgets for "fluxgain Like widget" in addition to the "fluxgain Like link image" you can add fluxgain Like to WordPress quickly, below is an example of what can be done using the fluxgain-like-examples git repository and fresh install of WordPress.

fluxgain Like on WordPress

fluxgain Like on WordPress

This blog covers how to add the chatter like button to a self hosted wordpress installations, to see how to add the like button to wordpress.com see salesforce chatter likes for wordpress.com which is blog on wordpress.com.

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