We recently looked to Kickstarter to fund a project that would be built on the salesforce.com platform called fluxgain Icons for salesforce. At a high level the project would have added a rich set of icons/images for use within salesforce to help users digest information quicker were project backers would have a say on what icons to create.

The results of the fluxgain Icons Kickstarter project would have been provided for free on the salesforce appexchange marketplace as a package so all salesforce users could benefit. We didn't expect salesforce users to pay for the completed work package so we thought about getting it socially funded then giving it away free, hence why Kickstarter seemed like a good idea. The majority of the raised funds would be used to hire graphic designers to create the icons.

KickStarter Project Preview

fluxgain Icons Kickstarter project

Unfortunately we got declined by Kickstarter without a detailed explanation. In hindsight, a project aimed at companies/organisations rather than Kickstarter's core customer base (backers) who are mainly consumers wasn't something that Kickstarter would be interested in or would be successful. There are other social/crowd funding sites such as IndiegogoPeoplefund.it, and RocketHub but these also seem to appeal to consumers not companies/organisations so the same issue may appear here as well.

fluxgain Icons

fluxgain Icons

So does a new type of social/crowd funding site need to be created where its customers are companies/organisations? How would you build critical mass of companies/organisations for the site? Would such a site work? Should companies/organisations look to their customers to socially fund projects on their behalf?

For the moment fluxgain Icons for salesforce is on hold. It was created as a fun interesting project in between some other projects we are running that would have benefited salesforce users.

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