salesforce and Microsoft are two giants in the computer industry that have on occasion not seen eye to eye. Whether its patent infringements or battling over customers ( salesforce and Microsoft examples). So at fluxgain we wondered if we could spark a bit of love between these two companies or even a little like.

salesforce chatter has "like" functionality that is similar to Facebook, where one user can like a feed item by another user directly within the application.

Chatter feed item like within salesforce

Chatter feed item with like functionality within salesforce


However there is no way to chatter like something directly from another web page outside of salesforce. Facebook does this with the like button which can also display a like count that can be seen on many websites. Below is an example of the facebook like button on the Wired website showing 26 likes for the You've Got to See This Curved OLED TV Wired article.

facebook like on Wired website

facebook like on Wired website


This is where fluxgain Like comes in, it provides a like button for salesforce chatter that can be shown directly in a non salesforce webpage. The web page could be from a company's private intranet or a web application such a Lotus Notes, or Microsoft Dynamics.

In the example below the orange fluxgain Like button for salesforce chatter has been added to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (towards to top right of the web page). For the given Microsoft Dynamics account record "Grand Store (sample)" there is a salesforce chatter like count of 1. The salesforce chatter like was created directly within the Microsoft Dynamics application by clicking the orange fluxgain Like button.

MS Dynamics CRM with embedded like button

Microsoft Dynamics CRM with embedded like button for salesforce chatter


The like is recorded directly within salesforce chatter, below is how the like for the Microsoft Dynamics account record "Grand Store (sample)" is recorded in a users chatter feed.

Salesforce Chatter New Feed Item

Salesforce Chatter New Feed Item


So why did we take the time to put the fluxgain Like button into Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Well if the fluxgain Like can be embedded into a 3rd party web application it can be embedded anywhere. So where would you use it?

In a small way we hope that fluxgain Like button can start to build a bridge between salesforce and Microsoft and have shown that salesforce chatter does like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Visit the fluxgain Like page for more information on how you can get fluxgain Like for salesforce chatter for your intranet site or web applications.

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