We are pleased to announce we have just released our fluxgain Like button for salesforce chatter!

But wait a minute doesn't salesforce already have a like button for salesforce chatter?

Yes, salesforce chatter has a like button that allows you to like chatter feeds directly within salesforce but no easy way to like something from outside salesforce (into salesforce). Thats where fluxgain Like comes in. Similar to those facebook like buttons you see on the web pages everywhere that allow you to record a like inside facebook from the web page you are visiting, fluxgain Like works the same way. Your fluxgain like is recorded directly within your salesforce chatter not facebook, so you can securely share links/likes easily with other salesforce users in your organisation.

fluxgain Like in chatter

Imagine being able to quickly like content on the company intranet and sharing it with colleagues. It doesn't stop with intranet pages the like button could be embedded directly into other web application such as sharepoint for example.

If you are a salesforce chatter user give the orange/black like button a click on the right of this page (under the share section) to see the fluxgain Like in action (your salesforce administrator may need to whitelist the fluxgain Like app if not done so already).

To try it out on your intranet web pages or web applications follow the install instructions for the fluxgain Like Lite version. Also visit the FAQ section for further information.

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